Facts and figures are important

but stories build an authentic connection and inspire us to take action​

Stories are at the root of who we are. Since the beginning, human beings have used storytelling to express big ideas and communicate what’s important. According to the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley: experiencing a story impacts our neurochemical processes. This physical reaction, which is felt in our bodies, is what spurs us to take action.

At Greater Good, we work with individuals and organizations to help them hone the power of compelling stories and succinct but powerful messaging.


A personalized approach to messaging, communications, storytelling, and testimonial work. We work with organizations to pinpoint their greatest needs and then work to fill them. We collect feedback from your team through surveys and interviews so we can deliver a “messaging bank” that tells your unique story. Our clients use this to fine-tune their elevator pitch, grant applications, and revamp their website and marketing collaterals! We conduct storytelling trainings with staff and work with our partners to help you elevate your revamped message for digital and print collaterals. 

That’s our bread and butter, but we offer a ton of other personalized services.

Brand Story + Messaging Bank

Testimonial Development

Storytelling + Messaging Training

Media Relations + Outreach Support

Marketing Materials Redesign

Campaign Communications + Copywriting


Bio Rewrites

Social Media Audit

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